December 26, 1971
The Hague, the Netherlands


Graphic School. Leiden, the Netherlands                                                             
’93 – ’94
Design and Communication. Propedeuse; Ichthus. Rotterdam, the Netherlands
’95 – ’00
Gerrit Rietveld art academie. Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Documentairy Scenario Writing / Open Studio. Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Moving light
1996, S8. b/w., ‘2.50 in cooperation with T. Kauffmann
1000 days….. 
1998, S8 Kodak TriX. b/w., ‘4.35
Coming / Passing / Passed      
1999, S8 Kodak TriX b/wfilm installation / 3 S8 projectors
1999, 16 mm colour, continuous film installation
In cooperation with T. Kauffmann
Run with me
2000, S8. b/w., film installation; 2 s8 projectors
1, 2, 3, Gym
2000, S8. b/w., ‘4.21
2000, 16mm. Fuji film Colour, film installation / 3 monitors
I love Me, I love you, I love me, I love you, I love me..
2001, S8 b/w continuous installation.
2001, S8 Kodak TriX, b/w., film installation
2002, 16mm. Kodak TriX b/w., Film installation for theater
in cooperation with T. Kauffmann
The Lion sleeps ….  
2003, video colour, ‘7.32, Music by D. Byrne.
Naar de Vuurtoren (To the Lighthouse / Virgina Woolf)  
2004, S8 Kodak colour + b/w., splitscreen, film installation for theater.
2005, video colour, ‘1.27
Feet in Water
2005, S8 Kodak TriX b/w., ‘2.43
To the Lighthouse (Virginia Woolf)
2007, S8. scant to MDV, kleur + b/w., ‘9.40 liniair version

          BOOKS / EDITIONS

2010, hardcover box, 16 single pages prints
La Petite M.
2010, hard box, 14 single pages prints, 20×30 cm.
Geradts / Grandmother / Grandfather
2016, hardcover box, 16 single pages prints
Sleeping Beauties / Shadows
2018, 134 pag. colour, hardcover
2019, 104 pag. colour, 
6 page cover, folded frontside / Metapaper White Extra Rough / 350 gr./m2
Pages: Metapaper White Extra Rough 120 gr./m2
MOLO, another love song…
2019, 92 prints, 11×16,5 cm., Metapaper White Extra Rough, 270 gr.
hardcover box bind, magnet lock, natural red linen.
Softcover 6-pages, folded inside, matt 350 metapapper, 108 pag, 20 x 25 cm., high glossy – fullcolour.


Film installation presentation ‘Penthouse’ at Keizergracht Building.
16 mm. 3 min. Film installation; 2 film projectors, projecting 1 film as one continuing movie.
Film installation for concert Things To Come (Das Pop), Gent.
i.c.w.. Ruben Bellinkx / Het Depot
Graduation exhibition Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam 
Publication: ‘Enter’ Rietveld-magazine; juni 2000
‘Spreek slechts één Woord’. Film installation for theater play.
Direction: Nienke Rooiakkers, stage design: Carolien Scholtes 
Presentations in o.a. De Balie, Amsterdam NL. W139, Amsterdam NL.
De Unie, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
Publicatie: ‘TARt-dag: kunst en techniek verenigd?’ UT-news nr. 32; 28-10-2001
Film installation with congress ‘Night of the Propagation’ in Nemo science museum, Amsterdam.
Organisatie: Rathenau-instituut, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Film ‘The Lion Sleeps…’ presentation festival ‘Fish Flavoured Film’.
Organisation: Motel Nooitgedacht, Ijmuiden, the Netherlands
Exposition / auction ‘SOLD’; Christies Amsterdam / Jim Beard gallery.
Publicatie: ‘SOLD’; Christies catalogus, oktober, 2002
’03 / ‘04
Film installation / stage design for theatre play:
‘To the Lighthouse’ (Virginia Woolf).
Direction: Nienke Rooiakkers. Production: AtelierD. Amsterdam
Presentations o.a. Toneelschuur, Haarlem NL, Frascatie, Amsterdam NL,
Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam NL, Theater a/h Spui, The haque NL, a.o.
Publications: ‘Prachtige Woolfse Wereld’, Karin Veraart in Volkskrant, 22-9-03.
Anneriek de Jong in NRC Handelsblad, 30-9-03
Dutch Open. Festival for Dutch film- en video art.
Organisation / location: De Balie, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Dutch Open catalogue.
Film presentation / short film programme with Ruben Bellinkx, Michiel Albers, Arno Nollen, Tarek Kaszim, a.o.
Lokaal 01, Antwerpen, Belgium.
‘BeeldJagers’; presentation photo collection / found footage; Objectified.
Organisation: Chassee theater, Breda, the Netherlands / Volkskrant (national paper).
Singapore Artbook Fair / TheBookShow 2019. Presentation book ‘Linnaeusstraat’ juli 2019.
International Photography Symposium / NIDA + Photobookshow.co.uk (Brighton UK).
Presentation book ‘Linnaeusstraat’ September 2019.


Jennifer Tee (NL)  /  Geirthrudur F. Hjorvar (FI)  /  Rijksacademie, Amsterdam (NL)  /  
Michiel Alberts (NL)  /  Stefano Odoardi (IT)  /  DasArts academie. Amsterdam (NL)  /  
Thijs Kauffmann (NL) /  ImageGrabbing, Amsterdam (NL)  /  Aam Solleveld (NL)  /  
Rijksacademie, Amsterdam (NL)  /  Ruben Bellinkx (BE)  /  Julia Metzger-Grame (SE)  /  
Joes Koppers (NL)  /  Susan Lukås (SE)  /  Nemo museum, Amsterdam (NL)  / Carolien
Scholte (NL) / Betsy Torenbos (NL) /  Monique Goossens (NL)  /  Arno Nollen (NL)  
/  Margit Lukács (NL) /  Tarek Kazim (HU) /  Nienke Rooiakkers (NL)   /


International Step by Step Association – ISSA, (HU / NL), Royal Dutch Cooperation for
Pharmacie – KNMP, The Hague (NL)  /  NetSociety Social Media, Amsterdam (NL)  /  
International Child Development Institute – ICDI, NGO Leiden (NL)  /  AbvaKabo/FNV
national union, Amsterdam (NL)  / Stichting Publicatie Jaarboeken -SPJ, publisher, Leiden (NL) 
/  SYCON international, Leiden (NL)  /  TU Delft university, (NL)  /  Punt & Van Hapert Lawers,
Amsterdam (NL) / Holland Talent Groep – HTG, HR Amsterdam (NL)  / JU+JU interior design,
Leiden (NL)  /  ACCIÓ-Generalitat de Catalunya, Chamber of Commerce, Barcelona (ES)  / 
Van Leeuwen Dentists, Leiden (NL) /  Ju&Co consultancy, Amsterdam (NL)  /

* The graphic work for these organisations is processed in a separated portfolio.

          COMING UP

Presentation photo book ‘Linnaeusstraat’.

Selection by THEBOOKSHOW.
Presentation at the Singapore Artbook Fair.

Publication book and exhibition of the found footage project ‘Objectified’. 
December, 2019.

Omval, achtertuin / backyard…
Photography project / publication photo book about the Amsterdam area the Omval.
December, 2020

2019 / 2020
Koraalstraat / Coralstreet
Photography project / photo book about my parental house in Leiden, the Netherlands.
The book is a following up of the book ‘Linneausstraat’ and a part of the project ‘Tied to the Earth with Skin and Glue”.

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