December 26, 1971
The Hague, the Netherlands

Lives / works in Amsterdam


Graphic School. Leiden, the Netherlands                                                             
’93 – ’94
ICHTHUS HEAO. Dept. Design and Communication.
Propedeuse. Rotterdam, the Netherlands
’95 – ’00
Gerrit Rietveld art academie. Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Photographic – Graphic media
Documentary Scenario Writing / Open Studio.
Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Moving light
1996, S8. b/w., ‘2.50 in cooperation with T. Kauffmann
1000 days….. 
1998, S8 Kodak TriX. b/w., ‘4.35
Coming / Passing / Passed      
1999, S8 Kodak TriX b/wfilm installation / 3 S8 projectors
1999, 16 mm colour, continuous film installation
In cooperation with T. Kauffmann
Run with me
2000, S8. b/w., film installation; 2 s8 projectors
1, 2, 3, Gym
2000, S8. b/w., ‘4.21
2000, 16mm. Fuji film Colour, film installation / 3 monitors
I love Me, I love you, I love me, I love you, I love me..
2001, S8 b/w continuous installation.
2001, S8 Kodak TriX, b/w., film installation
2002, 16mm. Kodak TriX b/w., Film installation for theater
in cooperation with T. Kauffmann
The Lion sleeps ….  
2003, video colour, ‘7.32, Music by D. Byrne.
Naar de Vuurtoren (To the Lighthouse / Virgina Woolf)  
2004, S8 Kodak colour + b/w., splitscreen, film installation for theater.
2005, video colour, ‘1.27
Feet in Water
2005, S8 Kodak TriX b/w., ‘2.43
To the Lighthouse (Virginia Woolf)
2007, S8. scant to MDV, kleur + b/w., ‘9.40 liniair version

          BOOKS / EDITIONS

2010, 16 single pages prints, 20x30cm.
Hahnemühle fiber 200. Hardcover box,
Linen, magnet lock.

La Petite M.
2010, hard box, 14 single pages prints, 20×30 cm.

Geradts / Grandmother / Grandfather
2016, 16 single pages prints, 24×16 cm.
Hahnemühle fiber 200. Hardcover Japanese folder,
Linen, magnet lock.

Sleeping Beauties / Shadows
2018, 134 pag. 30×40 cm. Single pages. Munken kristal 300 grms.
Hardcover, Japanese 6 size folder, linen. Magnet lock.

2019, 104 pag. colour, 
6 page cover, folded frontside / Metapaper White Extra Rough / 350 gr./m2
Pages: Metapaper White Extra Rough 120 gr./m2

Tree in Tree – series 1, the Netherlands
2019, 12 photographic prints on Metapaper Extra Rough 270 gr./m.
20×30 cm. Bounded in hardcover Japanese folder / dark green linen.

MOLO, another love song…
2020, 92 prints, 11×16,5 cm., Metapaper White Extra Rough, 270 gr.
hardcover box bind, magnet lock, coral red linen. Magnet lock.


Film installation presentation ‘Penthouse’ at Keizergracht Building.
16 mm. 3 min. Film installation; 2 film projectors, projecting 1 film as one continuing movie.
Film installation for concert Things To Come (Das Pop), Gent.
i.c.w.. Ruben Bellinkx / Het Depot
Graduation exhibition Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam 
Publication: ‘Enter’ Rietveld-magazine; juni 2000
Film installation for theater play ‘Spreek Slechts één Woord’
Direction: Nienke Rooiakkers. Stage design: Carolien Scholtes 
Presentations in o.a. De Balie, Amsterdam NL. W139, Amsterdam NL.
De Unie, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
Publicatie: ‘TARt-dag: kunst en techniek verenigd?’ UT-news nr. 32; 28-10-2001
Film installation with congress ‘Night of the Propagation’ in Nemo science museum, Amsterdam.
Organisatie: Rathenau-instituut, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Film ‘The Lion Sleeps…’ presentation festival ‘Fish Flavoured Film’.
Organisation: Loek Geradts / Motel Nooitgedacht, Ijmuiden, the Netherlands
Exposition / auction ‘SOLD’; Christies Amsterdam / Jim Beard gallery.
Publicatie: ‘SOLD’; Christies catalogus, oktober, 2002
’03 / ‘04
Film installation / stage design for theatre play:
‘To the Lighthouse’ (Virginia Woolf).
Direction: Nienke Rooiakkers. Production: AtelierD. Amsterdam
Presentations o.a. Toneelschuur, Haarlem NL, Frascatie, Amsterdam NL,
Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam NL, Theater a/h Spui, The haque NL, a.o.
Publications: ‘Prachtige Woolfse Wereld’, Karin Veraart in Volkskrant, 22-9-03.
Anneriek de Jong in NRC Handelsblad, 30-9-03
Dutch Open. Festival for Dutch film- en video art.
Organisation / location: De Balie, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Dutch Open catalogue.
Film presentation / short film programme with Ruben Bellinkx, Michiel Albers, Arno Nollen, Tarek Kaszim, a.o.
Lokaal 01, Antwerpen, Belgium.
Co-founder Layers – graphic design company, Leiden NL.
‘BeeldJagers’; presentation photo collection / found footage; Objectified.
Organisation: Chassee theater, Breda NL / Volkskrant, the Netherlands.
Singapore Artbook Fair / TheBookShow 2019.
Presentation book ‘Linnaeusstraat’ juli 2019. (Singapore SEA).
International Photography Symposium / NIDA + Photobookshow.co.uk (Brighton UK).
Presentation book ‘Linnaeusstraat’ September 2019.
Publication series photographs of ‘Molo, another love song..’
XXX project – online + print magazine. Discarded magazine (Czech Republic).
Finalist, Award – Documentary Family Awards.
Series photographs of the book ‘Linnaeusstraat’.
www..documentaryfamilyaward.com (Victoria, Canada)
Buy My Darlings – photography fair.
www.buymydarlings.nl. NDSM Fuse, Amsterdam (NL)


Jennifer Tee (NL)  /  Geirthrudur F. Hjorvar (FI)  /  Arno Nollen (NL)  / Rijksacademie, Amsterdam (NL)  /  
Michiel Alberts (NL)  /  Stefano Odoardi (IT)  /  DasArts academy. Amsterdam (NL)  /  
Thijs Kauffmann (NL) /  ImageGrabbing, Amsterdam (NL)  /  Aam Solleveld (NL)  /  
Nienke Rooiakkers (NL) /  Ruben Bellinkx (BE)  /  Julia Metzger-Grame (SE)  /  
Joes Koppers (NL)  /  Susan Lukås (SE)  /  Nemo museum, Amsterdam (NL)  / Carolien
Scholte (NL) / Betsy Torenbos (NL) /  Monique Goossens (NL)  /  Atelier D productions,
Amsterdam /  Margit Lukács (NL) /  Tarek Kazim (HU) /  VPRO (NL)  


International Step by Step Association – ISSA, (HU / NL), Royal Dutch Cooperation for
Pharmacie – KNMP, The Hague (NL)  /  NetSociety Social Media, Amsterdam (NL)  /  
International Child Development Institute – ICDI, NGO Leiden (NL)  /  AbvaKabo/FNV
national union, Amsterdam (NL)  / Stichting Publicatie Jaarboeken -SPJ, publisher, Leiden (NL) 
/  SYCON international, Leiden (NL)  /  TU Delft university, (NL)  /  Punt & Van Hapert Lawers,
Amsterdam (NL) / Holland Talent Groep – HTG, HR Amsterdam (NL)  / JU+JU interior design,
Leiden (NL)  /  ACCIÓ-Generalitat de Catalunya, Chamber of Commerce, Barcelona (ES)  / 
Van Leeuwen Dentists, Leiden (NL) /  Ju&Co consultancy, Amsterdam (NL)  /

* A selection of commissioned work is processed in a separated portfolio.

          NOW / FUTURE

Publication book – found footage project

White Tigers
Photographic project / photobook

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