Loek Geradts  
1971, The Hague, the Netherlands

Loek Geradts worked with various photographic and graphic media since his study at Amsterdam’s Gerrit Rietveld Academie. He began by focussing on short films and film installations. After his graduation in 2000 he provided camera work for other artists and directors. He created several film installations for theater projects, which were performed in theaters in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Since then, still images (photography, film stills, found footage) have gained importance in his work, as has the development to bring projects / photo series together in book form. This process of determining the order, size, paper and placement of photographs in the layout of the book allows him to influence the language, meaning and position of each project. The book connects to the narrative character of his work.

Geradt’s work is autonomous; the connotations conceptual-romantic. At its heart subjects as identity, consanguinity, physicality, and temporality are ever present. The individual projects interact and form an organic whole, an idiom. Within this aesthetic description, Geradts uses a reflection of his own subjective experience of life and its objective existence. The work speaks its own language; it describes its own reality.

This website presents a selection of Loek Geradts’ autonomous work. He also creates work on commission as a photographer / graphic designer for NGO’s, companies, universities, a.o. which is processed in a separated portfolio.

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